# Initialiszing…

Written 2023/05/13 02:00

Hello, whoever is reading this
The self introduction is here

I don’t really have any idea what to write here as usual but maybe I’ll try keeping a blog here.
There have been countless iterations of this website under different domains, almost always completely rewritten.
But I wish this could stay for many more years with minimal changes.

My first time having something resembling a home server was around 2016, after my friend set up his for our Teamspeak server.
Few screenshots remain from that time how mine looked, maybe I’ll add them here later.

Anyway, my friend still has his relatively the same and has been up almost constantly since then.
And I feel a bit jealous and wish I could’ve been less impulsive and unsafe about things (I once accidentally dd my server’s hard drive which had a pretty
sizeable amount of unbacked data and compulsively reinstalled and reset my servers since I felt they were too bloated without backing anything up of course ;-) )

But now, having all those years of experience, I hope to keep this one alive for more than a few months.
All services have been set up as Docker containers and for the first time ever there is a A TEST ENVIRONMENT so the server stays relatively clean and if the impulse strikes, I can get everything up and running much more easily.
And of course I hope I come up with more what to write here.

But until then, all the best <3
You don’t seem to understand

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